Remedial massage is an osteopathy treatment therapy that provides healing to muscles. Muscles are subjected to this therapy when they become tense, damaged, knotted, impaired, or immobile. Medical massage, as is often called, is also used for the treatment of ligaments, connective tissue, and tendons that are prone to overloading or overuse. Remedial massage also treats the whole body holistically eliminating discomforts from the root cause.

What to expect in a Remedial Massage session
Depending on client complaints, therapists use different techniques to assess the need for massage. Common modalities include trigger point therapy for trigger points and direct myofascical release for mobility. You will first be required to provide your health and lifestyle information. Once this data is examined, you are asked to lie on a table for physical examination. Special oils and creams may be used to smooth the body. Pressure applied during the treatment lies anywhere between smooth and shallow to strong and deep depending on the problem.

Is Remedial Massage the same as Relaxation Massage?
While both approaches are types of massage, remedial massage is only carried out by a trained specialist. Given its therapeutic uses, remedial massage can be classified as a healing massage. This massage can be used in combination with other approaches for the prevention, treatment, or management of injuries.

Healing Benefits of Remedial Massage
Remedial message is known to many as sports massage following its extensive use in sports. However, this therapeutic approach has more benefits than just treating the affected area. Its other benefits include;
Flushing chemicals from the body
Breaking and healing scar tissue
Assisting drainage of lymph fluid
Releasing tension in muscles
Triggers faster healing in sports people who do rigorous training

Who is remedial massage good for?
Essentially, remedial massage is for every one with a condition that can benefit from its elements. This includes people with muscular spasms, neck pain, back pain, jaw pain, arthritis, sciatica, stress, and much more.